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So, um, hi everyone and everyone I don't know yet! I'm on my way back because I kind of walked myself into a sprained tail playing Pokemon Go the other day. So, I return!

That being said, we are doing Monkey Joe's memorial service soon, so let me know if you'd like to come.


You know what, Ubisoft? If women are too hard to animate for your Assassin's Creed games, then it's too hard for me to buy them! At least the new Dragon Age game is looking awesome. And I have Child of Light.

But seriously. That was so not cool!


I'm addicted to this! I can't get any homework done!

And I'm still not a queen! ;____;



THE NEW GNOME MODELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I put on my Gnome Pride hoodie and I totally found a bunch of snacks in it! Today is going to be awesome. I can totally tell.



See? It totally wasn't just you freaking out, Kyle. :3

Seriously you should've seen my face when I read the book the first time!


I made WTF Fanfiction on TUMBLR.



Now... should I tell my Creative Writing prof about this or not...?

Looking for MJ

Just got back from classes awhile ago, and I can't find MJ anywhere. Has anyone seen him? He's not even stuck in the coffee machine.

The Sorting Hat!


Well, a couple things have. First off: The Prof is totally Dumbledore. WE HAVE FIGURED YOU OUT, PROF!

Second! NICO AND I ARE SORTING YOU ALL INTO HOUSES TOMORROW. She has a spell that can do this, but you guys have to be okay with it but you should be okay with it because it's totally awesome and will be a lot of fun!

I, being totally awesome, will be Gryffinpuff! Or would that be Huffledor?


Also, Dr. Grey - thanks for the cup! And I'll warn MJ away from Dr. McCoy's coffee machine. :)
Kyle and I are home and I have presents. :D Come and get them!!


Can't... Stop... Watching...


We're still at the airport getting ready to go to L.A. and let me tell you, TSA sucks.

They PATTED DOWN MY TAIL. I can't hide things in there!

Dec. 11th, 2011

LOL. I totally can't believe I got MJ to sit still long enough for this!


Got Home and To Do List

Apparently bad things happened while I was in L.A. I hope everyone's okay! I'm just posting about getting back now because, well, I've kinda been busy all morning.

Image! And to Do List!Collapse )

May. 15th, 2011

I know it's not OFFICIALLY the 14th anymore, but I totally turned 18.

...And I spent my day raiding. I am so totally hopeless.

Jan. 19th, 2011

Never has this been more true, but they totally need to update it now. Because, you know, Deathwing.

But! Moving on, I preivews of my senior pics that my mom made me do back today. And my guidies are bugging me for a picture to put on our website since I'm one of the officers and so I'm wondering which one I should give them to use. And I know it's a bit early to actually start handing these out, but let me know who wants what now, just so I know how many I have to order of what. Since these packages really aren't cheap. x___X



OMG the Cata start up events are on stage four now and it's so awesome! Stormwind is like totally packed. This is awesome! I can't wait for the 7th of December!
This is like an early notice that I am going to be crushingly and blazingly sick on the 7th of December. It may last a couple of days. I can already feel it coming on! -cough!- -cough~!-


Finally went to see the Last Airbender movie and... and...

So... Uh...

There might kind of be a bunch of squirrels around inside that aren't Monkey Joe. I was practicing the Wave of Death (isn't that a cool name for a technique? Like out of Naruto or something!) and I was totally spooked and I ended up getting wet and I invited everyone in to dry off but I think about a dozen might have run off so if you see them around, just text me or something and I'll come and get them out of the mansion.

They don't bite.

Promise. ♥
Thanks everyone for the party yesterday! It made this birthday a lot better than my last birthday. I mean, it wasn't totally perfect, but it was pretty close. The cake was awesome and so was the food and all the gifts were great.

Thanks so much! I'm totally 17 now. :D


I finally did it! FINALLY!!!

That took ALL NIGHT.

...Oh crap, it's like really early now, isn't it?

...um... I... won't be in class in the morning?

Jan. 15th, 2010


And he's very well trained!


Okay, since people have said stuff, here's a poll! Personally I don't think I'm any different at all when I've had caffeine you know? And there's no such thing as TOO MUCH.

Poll #1510250 Energy Drinks!

Can I have caffeine whenever I want it? (Which is totally like all the time.)

No! (I mean Yes, really!)


I got the job!!

I start working on Friday! I'm so excited! I work in a comic shop!

:D :D

So, I got this application for the comic shop in town but I need to get a note from one of the teachers saying that it's okay if I work and stuff. Anyone want to sign it for me? I promise promise promise PROMISE that it won't affect my school work at all. I'll just need rides back and forth until I get my license.

I might have a job! In a comic store! How cool is that?! I wonder if I'll get a discount!


Okay, I totally want to go and see Zombieland, but it's rated R, so I "need an adult." And someone to drive. It looks really funny and awesome and it has zombies.

You can't go wrong with zombies!


What was with the weather this morning?! My tail was all frozen and it sucked being in the treehouse!

Winter isn't supposed to just jump you like that.


I just want to say the following: Yay~! ♥

There's lots of things to be Yay about right now!

...Only not about homework. Homework is bad.

Random Stuff!

First off, I know I told you when we were playing frisbee with Vic, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY YVETTE! (late now, I know. I'm sorry. >__>)

To fill in on random things, I've been watching Watchmen a lot lately. And I still can't decide which one I like more, the comic or the movie. I think I like the movie ending better. It makes a little bit more sense, you know?

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures of myself with the webcam thingie that I got with the money Miss Monet pays me and I was going to post stuff on a comic fan/super hero fan forum that I'm on, but I'm wondering if I should post any of the pictures that I have with my tail and stuff. Do you think anyone will be bothered by it? I mean, some of them already know I'm a mutant, but they don't know what I look like and I'm almost kind of glad about that because then they're just talking to you, you know?

So I don't know if I should put up pictures with my tail or my claws and stuff. <__< This didn't even occur to me until after I took the pictures. That's all I had. Unless anyone wants to hang out and watch Batman movies tonight. I want to watch Batman - but only the good ones.


So, I was looking up showtimes for the new Harry Potter movie (You're taking me, right Julian?) and I saw the local theater is doing a Godzilla marathon this weekend!

Anyone else interested in guys in bad rubber suits tearing apart Tokyo and awesome giant monster fights? I think it could really be a lot of fun!


I got a really weird phone call just now from someone whose name I don't think I can spell. Farook or something? Anyway, he was looking for a Mr. Kane and something about having words with someone's father (Garrison, I think he said?) about being in a Bangkok jail?

Does that mean anything to anyone? I asked him if he needed any more help, but then the line went dead. Maybe it was a crank or something, but I promise I'd pass on the message.

If not, I'm going to go back to my ST:TNG. It came in the middle of one of my favorite episodes ever. And I likely won't be able to watch them when I'm in Bosnia next week. Not that I mind not being able to watch them.
Hey Kyle, 6200!

Does this mean I get a pizza?

Anyway, I think I finally have all my super hero figures up the way I like them and my posters! So that makes me happy. ...And that's all I had.

P.S. We need more ice cream.

Oh no!

There's only five episodes left of Fosters' Home for Imaginary Friends! That's so sad! I love that show...
Mr. Curly Hair

I'm so sorry! Monkey Joe normally doesn't act like that but he thought the granola bars were his like they are back home.

I've talked to him and he'll never do it again. I hope he didn't hurt you! We're both still getting settled so I think he's still upset about having to move and all that stuff. :( And he was upset he couldn't come to the self-defense thing with me so I told him he could sleep on the fridge because he likes it there because it's warm. (And the other squirrels here are mad at him because he said they were hicks, so he can't sleep outside right now.)

I'd email you, but all I got from Monkey Joe is that you have curly hair and tried to eat his food. He knows now that it wasn't his food and that it's everyone's food. I'm so sorry!

Hi Everyone!

Nice to meet you all! I'm Doreen! You can all call me that, or just call me Dori. (But don't call me The Rodent or Vermin! I don't like that!) I guess I'll be living here, so you have to say hi to my best friend too. His name is Monkey Joe and he also says it's very nice to be here, but he'd like it better if the walls were easier to climb. We're from LA.

This is the first time I've ever been to a boarding school before! Do you all like it? Is it fun? There's lots of trees near by so I bet there' s lots of squirrels! I like squirrels. Because I have a tail like a squirrel. And squirrels like me. Because I like them. And we can talk. Sometimes.

So, I like chocolate, nuts, music and comics. I like Batman, Stargril, Impulse and the Teen Titans. I liked the cartoon they did of that awhile back! It was awesome. My favorite character in that was Beast Boy, who is also okay in the comics and called Changeling. If I could do anything I wanted, I'd be a Teen Titan. I don't get to buy comics that much because I really don't have the money though... but that's okay, because the store I went to the people who owned it let me in to read and would talk to me when I had questions and didn't mind that I'd bring Monkey Joe inside too.

I also like the Batman movies. The new ones and the ones directed by Tim Burton. I brought a couple of my movie posters with me, and gee, I hope I'll have somewhere to hang them up.

Are there comic shops here? I normally don't hold still for much (that's what mom says) but I do like to read comic books. Real books are kind of boring though. They don't have pictures or super hero fights or squirrels in them so I don't like them so much.

Oh gosh! I've said a lot. So I'll wrap this up.

Hi, nice to meet you all! And Monkey Joe says Hi too and is mad I didn't let him type!